Links & Resources

JA Electronics provides cathodic protection systems, services, and components of the highest quality. Here are the web sites for our strategic partners in cathodic protection:

Integrated Corrosion Companies

Integrated Corrosion Companies, provides a broad range of cathodic protection solutions and instruments for industrial corrosion prevention. Many products are available for online ordering.

Integrated Corrosion Companies offers test stations and line markers, a full line of cathodic protection cable, anodes and backfill for all CP system types. Cathodic protection instruments include holiday detectors, cable and pipe locators, soil surveying and testing equipment, and circuit test meters.

Loresco International Inc.

Loresco International, Inc. pro provides ground bed backfill materials for impressed current cathodic protection systems.

NACE International

NACE International, originally known as “The National Association of Corrosion Engineers,” is a corrosion engineering organization and science community, and is widely recognized as the premier authority for corrosion control solutions.

Cott Manufacturing

Cott Manufacturing manufactures telecommunications and pipeline-related cathodic protection products.