Replacement Parts

CP Rectifier Replacement Parts

Contact JA Electronics for the right replacement parts to keep your impressed CP system in top shape and maintaining our industry-setting durability in your equipment. We offer meters from Beede, Hoyt, and Yokogawa, replacement lightning arrestors and AC and DC surge suppressors in OEM brands, top-brand solar arrays and the Omega II voltage controller.

JA Electronics offers replacement parts for most rectifiers, regardless of the original manufacturer.

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Custom Engraved Phenolic Panel
  • Enclosures
    • Custom Fabricated
    • Raw Aluminum
    • Painted Aluminum
    • TGIC Dry Powder Coated Aluminum
    • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
    • Appleton
    • Crouse-Hinds
    • Hoffman
    • Killark
    • Stahlin
  • Fuses
    • Gould Ferraz
  • Heat Sinks
    • Avvid
    • Thermalloy
  • Indicator Lamps
    • Dialco
    • Crouse Hinds
    • IDEC
  • Lightning Arrestors
    • JA Electronics
    • Delta
    • Square D
  • Meters
    • Beede
    • Hoyt
    • Yokogawa
  • Relays
    • IDEC
    • Crydom
    • Microswitch
  • Semiconductors
    • Silicon bridge modules
    • Silicon diodes
    • SCR’s
    • Voltage suppressors
  • Solar Unit Parts
    • Kyocera solar arrays
    • Voltage regulators
    • Omega II Controller
    • Deka batteries
  • Transformers
    • Hammond
    • JA Electronics custom built
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